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  1. This is the place to BRAG about your BUICK.

    This is the place to let the world know you are in need of a specific part to restore your BUICK.

    Come on… let’s talk about YOUR BUICK!

    • I am hoping to start restoring my 1970 Buick Gran Sport. I have had it since I was 19, over 25 years.It is completely stripped down with both quarter panles replaced. It has been sitting like this for over 5 years, in a garage. I figured I should start with getting the motor rebuilt first. It’s also completely apart. I was told I need to have it rebiult by someone that knows “Buick small blocks” not just any one who knows GM small blocks. Is this true and where should I start looking? I would like to shop around and get several references of each places abilities. Thanks for any insight.

      • Hello Brenda, Sally Getz here from the Free Spirit Chapter, BCA. Read your post above. Please contact David Brady, 610-965-2172, located in Emmaus, PA. He would be more than willing to help you out w/ your questions/concerns. Good Luck, GO BUICK!

        Sally Getz, Director, Free SPirit Chapter

  2. I am a recent owner of a 1982 LaSabre Limited. And although I am not a club member as of yet, I am researching for clubs and parts for my vehicle. If someone could tell me the yearly membership of your club, and possibly give me some leads to parts vendors for my ride I’d appreciate it.

    • Good day to you Mr. Polacek, Sally Getz here, Director of the “Free Spirit” Chapter, BCA. Glad to hear of your recent purchase of a BUICK! I invite you to further research our web site for further information on our chapter. For further assistance, please contact me under the tab, “Contacts”. Will wait to hear from you. Have a good day!

  3. I no longer own a 63 Skylark but still have a few parts which I accumulated. I would be happy to give them FREE to anyone who can use them. I live in Virginia outside of DC. Here is a list of items. Most of these will fit a 61-63 Special as well as an Olds F85.
    2 speed automatic tranny, 4bbl carb, generator, fuel pump, starter, valve cover (only 1), exhaust manifold (only 1), motor mounts (3).
    If no takers, they are going to the dump so please help me find a good home for them.

  4. I have a 1986 Buick GN for sale with 21,056 miles on it. My father bought it in 1996 with 16,880 miles on it. It stayed stored in his climate controlled large until 2005. It is all stock and I want to sell it to someone who will keep it that way. I just replaced the bumper fillers and bumper rib strips as they had dry rotted. It still has the “Property of GM” sticker in the driver’s side quarter window
    Please contact me at if you are interested and I can send pics. Thank you

  5. Not a club member, yet! I have a 1950 Super that belonged to my great grandfather. I had it restored (paint/tires) in the mid 1980’s, and new tires and wheels 10 years ago. It’s time to work on the upholstery and a few engine parts again. I was living in the Midwest, and have few contacts here in PA. The car has under 50K original miles and it’s registered in PA as an antique. Suggestions for parts and paint? Re-chroming? Upholstery? Thanks for any and all tips offered.

  6. Hello group,
    I have a 1964 Wildcat with the 401/445 motor. The car has 68,000 original miles but developed a hard knock so I’m getting the motor rebuilt. I want to put dual exhaust on while the motor is getting rebuilt. I’m looking for information on where I can find exhaust kits if they exist. Thank you very much for the help!

  7. I own a 1976 Buick Century Free Spirit, I purchased the car 4 years ago from the original owner. The original owner purchased the car in 1976 for his wife and the car has never been winter driven. The Husband owned a gm dealership and therefore each year the car was serviced and stored for the winter months. The car has 54000 miles and is in excellent condition with all the typical free spirit options, Targa Roof, Hurst Hatch, Aircraft Shifter, power windows ,Air. beautiful car. A joy to drive, spacious and a looker. These car are very rare and to find one unrestored is a challenge. If anyone out there has a 1976 Buick Free Spirit I would like to connect with you via email and we can share pics and comments

  8. Hello everyone,, I just recently inherited my uncle’s 1940 Buick limited 90, the car runs but it’s very rough, what I’m looking for someone who lives in the area that can come to my garage and help me work on it and let me know what’s missing and what I need,
    My garage is located in Kunkletown PA.

    • good day to you. Unfortunately we do not have any members who are near your area to come to you to help you out. However, I will provide a number for you that you may give a call to, to see if over the phone he can help you. 610-965-2172.

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