The History of the “Free Spirit Chapter”

By Dave Brady,
Founder and 1st Director, and Director Emeritus

 The “Free Spirit” Chapter was conceived in August of 1977 at Das Awkscht Fescht (August Festival) in Macungie, Pennsylvania. DAF, a three-day show, is one of the largest annual car shows in the country. To my amazement on the last day (Sunday) of the show when the field is laid out and divided for different car clubs, there were no Buicks represented! Two friends (Jim Rossetti and Jack Stitler) and I kicked around the idea of forming a local Buick car club.

Constant communication followed amongst the three of us leading to a meeting on September 6, 1977. This Chapter’s first meeting was held on that sixth day of September at the Americus Hotel in center city Allentown. The cost of the meeting room was twenty-five dollars.

Twelve people attended the first meeting:

  • 1. Dave Brady
  • 2. Jack Stitler, deceased
  • 3. James Rossetti, deceased
  • 4. Jan Rossetti
  • 5. Hank Norris, deceased
  • 6. Ken Hartman, deceased
  • 7. Charlie Arnold
  • 8. Bill Keller, deceased
  • 9. John Ball, deceased
  • 10. Carter Taylor
  • 11. Jim Gordon, deceased
  • 12. Bob William, deceased

The officers chosen at the first meeting were:

  • David Brady, Director
  • Jack Stitler, Assistant Director
  • Jim Rossetti, Treasurer
  • Jan Rossetti, Secretary

Hank Norris came up with the Chapter’s name and Jim Rossetti added the quotes before and after the name, “Free Spirit”. A newsletter was conceived and designed by Dave Brady who was also named its first editor. It was also decided that the Chapter’s meeting would be held on the first Tuesday of every month.

The “Free Spirit” Chapter of Pa was born.

However, as the word spread about our newly formed Buick Chapter it soon became apparent that the Chapter was formed without filing all of the appropriate paperwork with the Buick Club of America. We did get our hands slapped for that lapse of proper protocol. However, in spite of this oversight, we were forgiven and our Chapter’s Charter was approved. We were “born-again” and now an officially sanctioned Chapter of the BCA known as the “Free Spirit” Chapter of Pa, a chartered chapter of the Buick Club of America.

And, here we are thirty-four years later. We have come a long way achieving even what some older chapters have yet to do: Regional shows every other year, national BCA shows, Spring and Fall Tours, summer picnics, and annual Christmas parties. We have been very fortunate to have had the members we did; for without them we would have stagnated. No one member deserves the credit for this Chapter’s success and accomplishments. All contributed in their own way to the common good of the “Free Spirit” Chapter. Of course as in any similar non-profit organization some may contribute more than others; but, all have given of themselves in varying degrees at different times. And we are blessed for their participation.

Now you know our past as well as our present. Ponder what you read and see here to give some thought to become part of this proud Chapter’s future?

On behalf of the Founding Fathers and the current members, the “Free Spirit” Chapter welcomes you to our website, our club, our many activities, and hopefully our membership.


David Brady
Director Emeritus,
“Free Spirit” Chapter,
Of the Buick Club of America,
member #244.


Should you have any questions or wish any further information please feel free to contact our Chapter by phone or email. Thank you for your interest.