November 2017 Newsletter

Director’s Thoughts, November 2017

Thanksgiving at Plymouth

In September 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying 102 passengers—an assortment of religious separatists seeking a new home where they could freely practice their faith & other individuals lured by the promise of prosperity & land ownership in the New World. After a treacherous & uncomfortable crossing that lasted 66 days, they dropped anchor near the tip of Cape Cod, far north of their intended destination at the mouth of the Hudson River. 1 month later, the Mayflower crossed Massachusetts Bay, where the Pilgrims, as they are now commonly known, began the work of establishing a village at Plymouth.

Throughout that first brutal winter, most of the colonists remained on board the ship, where they suffered from exposure, scurvy & outbreaks of contagious disease. Only 1/2 of the Mayflower’s original passengers & crew lived to see their first New England spring. In March, the remaining settlers moved ashore, where they received an astonishing visit from an Abenaki Indian who greeted them in English. Several days later, he returned w/ another Native American, Squanto, a member of the Pawtuxet tribe who had been kidnapped by an English sea captain & sold into slavery before escaping to London & returning to his homeland on an exploratory expedition. Squanto taught the Pilgrims, weakened by malnutrition & illness, how to cultivate corn, extract sap from maple trees, catch fish in the rivers & avoid poisonous plants. He also helped the settlers forge an alliance w/ the Wampanoag, a local tribe, which would endure for more than 50 years & tragically remains 1 of the sole examples of harmony between European colonists & Native Americans.

Did you know?  Lobster, seal & swans were on the Pilgrims’ menu?

The History of Pumpkin Pie

It’s hard to imagine an American Thanksgiving table without the ubiquitous orange-crusted custard made from strained, spiced & twice-cooked squash.

Few of our festival foods can claim deeper American roots than pumpkins, which were first cultivated in Central America around 5,500 B.C. & are 1 of the earliest foods the first European explorers brought back from the New World. The orange gourds’ first mention in Europe dates to 1536, & within a few decades they were grown regularly in England, where they were called “pumpions,” after the French “pompon,” a reference to their rounded form.

Pumpkins, as the Americans grew to call them, quickly became part of England’s highly developed pie-making culture, which had for centuries been producing complex stuffed pastries in sweet & savory varieties. When the Pilgrims sailed for America on the Mayflower in 1620, it’s likely some of them were as familiar with pumpkins as the Wampanoag, who helped them survive their first year at Plymouth Colony, were. A year later, when the 50 surviving colonists were joined by a group of 90 Wampanoag for a 3 day harvest celebration, it’s likely that pumpkin was on the table in some form. As useful as the orange squash were (especially as a way to make bread without much flour), they weren’t always popular. In 1654, Massachusetts ship captain Edward Johnson wrote that as New England prospered, people prepared “apples, pears, & quince tarts instead of their former Pumpkin Pies.”

On that note, The Getz family would like to wish all of you a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving!

Your elected Director, Sally Getz

“Free Spirit” Chapter Meeting Minutes, October 10, 2017

Director Sally Getz called meeting to order, 7:32 pm, 21 members present.

Motion to accept September meeting minutes as printed in October newsletter, Isabel Lenny, seconded by Dave Brady, so carried.

Treasurer’s report –September report given by Clarence Getz, motion to accept George Grossman, seconded by Shirley Schaffer, so carried.

A. Historian – Thomas Edison tour & Upstate NY Regional pics on web site
B. Kempton – Sign-up sheet passed around.  Dave Brady & Thomas/Kathleen Duckett volunteered to meet on Saturday to help set up.
C. Membership – 2 prospective members to join chapter?
D. Newsletter – no report
E. Programs – Martha Kriebel to present during Novembers’ meeting.
F. Publicity – no report
G. Technical – Dave Brady gave a talk on replating pre-sealed, brass, 1940-52’s headlight reflectors.
H. Ways and Means – A blanket, rulers, yardsticks, & lanyards sold during Hershey fall meet.  Received 2 pre-registered flea market space for Kempton.

  • Newest BCA chapter, Inland NW Chapter, Spokane, Washington, held their very 1st meeting August 3, 2017.  Good luck to them!
  • Thomas/Kathleen, Sally/Clarence gave a synopsis on Upstate NY Regional, Clifton Park, NY.  To view pictures of this meet, please visit, click on Forums & pick Clifton Park.  See if you find “Free Spiriters” in some of the pictures!

Nominations taken for officers & 2 BOD:
Director = Sally Getz, Assistant Director = Debbie Brady, Secretary = Don Atwood, Treasurer = Clarence Getz, 2 BOD’s = George Grossman, Dan Reiniger.

Motion to adjourn, Isabel Lenny, seconded George Grossman, so carried @ 8:21 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Thomas Duckett, Secretary

Thomas Edison Tour, September 23, 2017

13 “Free Spirit” members & 3 guests thoroughly enjoyed this tour on such a BEAUTIFUL July, oops, I mean September day.  (It felt like July with such sunny & warm weather.)  Anyway, just after breakfast, they made their smooth sailing, beautiful countryside view drive toward their NJ destination:  Thomas Edison Museum, following their fearless tour masters, Kathleen & Thomas Duckett.

Once they arrived, the group could mingle from building to building viewing the many artifacts on display of Edison’s work areas, library, & chemical laboratory.  Edison invented 1093 patents, 600 of them right from West Orange, NJ!!  As you can view from the pictures, you will see a phonograph, an iron, a toaster, & a waffle maker. These are just a few items.  Later in his life, he tried to come up with making rubber, but only failed.

Edison married & had 2 sons.  The elder did not really want to carry on in his father’s shoes because it was his “father’s name”.  The elder son wanted to do something so he’d get all the credit so therefore he’d become well known.  The younger son tried to keep things going after Edison dies, but failed.  It was years later that the town of West Orange inherited the grounds, making it into the National State Park Museums as it is today.

A little time after noon, the group consumed some lunch @ a local diner in the area.  It certainly was a warm sunny day for a tour.  Everyone enjoyed what they had seen.  Thanks to Kathleen/Thomas Duckett for a nice tour!!

The pictures below, left to right, consist of a “group” picture, Edison’s laboratory, guess who is Thomas Edison, & Edison’s auditioning room. Follow this link to see the pictures.

Upstate NY Buick Regional Meet, Sept. 29, Oct. 1, 2017

Of all the time planning, organizing, & putting out unforeseen fires, if you will, to hold an event involving a hotel & grounds, the Upstate NY Buick chapter can now rest at ease.  72 big, bright, colorful BUICKS attended this event held @ Clifton Park, NY @ the Homewood Suites Hotel.

As HOT as it was days leading up to this event, that is how chilly & cool it was during the show!  Mother Nature sure does like to keep everyone on their toes!!

The Ducketts & the Getzs’ got to view many beautiful Buicks!  The most attended classes were class D (1957-63) & E (1964-67).  While the Getzs’ planned on taking 1 of their 1967 Skylarks, it happened to turn out, they drove Sally’s everyday driver, 2005 Buick Rainier, to the event.  She entered it into class G (1975- current).

During the event, a regional chapter director meeting occurred.  John Scheib is looking to retiring from his positon as the NE Region Coordinator.  He has held this position for some time now & is looking to hand this position over to someone else.  If you would like to volunteer your time for this position, I am sure John would be more than willing to talk with you to let you know the criteria & responsibilities involved.  Give him a call or an e-mail:  860-523-1911,  There are 9 chapters under the NE Region: Central New England, Mass.:  Minuteman, Mass; Yankee, CT; Nutmeg, CT; Lower Hudson Valley, NY; Upstate, NY; Free Spirit, Pa; Long Island, NY; & New Jersey, NJ.

Have you ever stayed in a suite hotel before?  WOW!  It was great having a small kitchen with stove, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, & even a garbage disposal!!  Plus, 2 huge flat screen TV’s!!

It was very nice to see old friends, & to make new friends during this event.  Some of the other BCA members are looking forward to our chapters NE PA ALL BUICK REGIONAL next September, 2018!

Pics L to R:  Saratogo Auto Museum (once a bottling plant of spring water);  Map of NY car production areas in the good ole days. Follow this link to see the pictures.

AACA Hershey Region Fall Meet, Hershey, Pa

Did Hershey REALLY happen?  Can you ever remember when Hershey was as warm as it was?  Well, people were wearing sleeveless shirts & shorts!!

Once again, while some members attended the show from Tuesday through Saturday vending, others attended to shop.  Wednesday was the BEST traffic flow out of all the days.  This year, surprisingly though, the guys did find some treasures while Sally manned the market spaces.

While parts were being sold, some chapter ways-n-means items were also sold.  Flyers were also handed to the local Buick enthusiast’s about the NE PA ALL BUICK REGIONAL MEET, September 20-22, 2018.

Sally, again, met people from all over the world: New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Oregon, CT, NY, NJ, Ohio, MD, VA, Ill, Wisconsin, Canada, Alaska, Texas, South Carolina, Mass, Michigan, & Iowa!

Some fellow “Free Spirit” members:  William Hallman & Loren Hulber, stopped by the spaces to say “Hello”.

CONGRATS to the following members:  Martin Zimmerman, 1933 Plymouth Deluxe = Repeat Preservation; Loren Hulber, 1953 Buick Super = 1st Junior; Wm “King” Schaedel, 1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughm = Driver Participation, also 1990 Buick Reatta = Driver Participation; Michael Nester, 1978 Buick Electra Park Avenue = Repeat Original HPOF.  Sorry if your name was missed, my apologies.

So, till next year………………………………………………….Sally Getz

Northeast PA All Buick Regional, September 20-22, 2018, Lehighton, Pa

A NE PA All Buick Regional will be held @ Lehighton, Pa @ Phifer’s Ice Dams, September 20-22, 2018.  There are 2 local hotels, 1 = 0.5 mile & 1 = 1 mile away.  The PA turnpike is only 1 mile away for those who travel!

Watch your the newsletter, or view the web site,, to be kept in the loop about this exciting event!

Chapter Badges

Please remember to wear your chapter badge that has your name on it.  Wearing it to the monthly chapter meetings is a must, or you will owe $1.00 to Dolores Kennedy.  Also, please wear it to the periodic chapter events.  Thus everyone can get to meet/greet you if you are a new member.  If you do not have a badge with your name on it, please contact Dolores Kennedy & she’ll be more than happy to see you receive a badge!

“Holiday Gathering” Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Annual “Holiday Gathering” will be held, Starlite Diner & Lounge, Allentown, Pa, Tuesday, December 5, 2017.  Social hour 5 pm, dinner 6 pm.  Dinner = soup/salad/bread bar, baked potato, water, soda, coffee, Iced tea, tea & dessert.

Broiled Haddock, Black Diamond Steak, Chicken Parmigiana
Member = ___________________ entrée choice ________________ = $6.00
Spouse = ____________________ entrée choice ________________ = $6.00
Member child(ren) (6-12) = ___________________, child menu choice, free
Non-member = _________________, entrée choice = _____________$25.00
Non-member child(ren) (6-12) = _____________________, child menu price

“Prettiest & Handsomest Holiday Sweater” contest plus “Crazy Bingo” will occur after dinner.  Each person attending MUST bring a $10.00 wrapped gift.
Submit your entrée choice(s), reservation(s), & check, made payable to “Free Spirit” Chapter, to Sally Getz, 1060 Main Road, Lehighton, Pa 18235 by November 24, 2017.

Thanksgiving Quiz

Luckily, I’m prepared to help all of you enjoy your day a little more. Get ready for a rigorous test of your knowledge of this great holiday, the perfect diversion while more productive people are preparing dinner and setting the table. Feel free to get the kids involved. They have to make pilgrim hats in school, so they should know some of these.

1. Which of these foods probably was served at the first Thanksgiving:

  • A. Pumpkin pie
  • B. Shellfish
  • C. Cranberry sauce
  • D. Mashed Potatoes
  • F. Pop Rocks.

2. What did President George W. Bush do with two turkeys he pardoned in 2007?

  • A. Sent them to Disneyland
  • B. Had them released in the wild
  • C. Found them a home on a farm
  • D. ate them for Christmas dinner
  • E. Put them in a Virginia petting zoo

3. The magazine editor whose decades of lobbying resulted in Thanksgiving’s being declared a national holiday also had this distinction:

  • A. Wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”
  • B. Weighed 856 pounds
  • C. Wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
  • D. Was direct descendant of John Alden
  • E. Led first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

4. Baby turkeys are called:

  • A. Poults
  • B. Chicks
  • C. McNuggets
  • D. Giblets
  • E. Toms.

5. How fast can wild turkeys run?

  • A. 5 mph
  • B. 15 mph
  • C. 25 mph
  • D. 35 mph
  • E. 60 mph.

6. Which country consumes the most turkeys per year per capita?

  • A. Israel
  • B. United States
  • C. United Kingdom
  • D. Monaco
  • E. Canada.

7. Best way to defrost a frozen turkey:

  • A. Hot tub
  • B. Cold water
  • C. Blow torch
  • D. Refrigerator
  • E. Hair dryer.

8. In the holiday song “Over the River and Through the Woods,” where are they going?

  • A. PPL Arena
  • B. Downtown Aquashicola
  • C. Grandfather’s house
  • D. Grandmother’s house
  • E. Pigeon shoot.

9. The biggest drinking day/night of the year is:

  • A. New Year’s Eve
  • B. Thanksgiving Eve
  • C. Christmas
  • D. Thanksgiving
  • E. Super Bowl.

10. President who decreed that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November:

  • A. Abraham Lincoln
  • B. Rutherford B. Hayes
  • C. John F. Kennedy
  • D. Theodore Roosevelt
  • E. Franklin Roosevelt.

11. The long, loose piece of skin extending from beneath a turkey’s lower jaw along the neck is known as:

  • A. Waddle
  • B. Wattle
  • C. Jerry Jones
  • D. Giblets
  • E. Comb.

12. The Thanksgiving song “Alice’s Restaurant” involved:

  • A. Thanksgiving in Alice’s restaurant
  • B. Garbage dumping
  • C. A turkey farm
  • D. Alice in the kitchen.

13. John Candy’s profession in the Thanksgiving classic movie “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”:

  • A. Turkey farmer
  • B. Truck driver
  • C. Seller of shower curtain rings
  • D. Train conductor
  • E. Cowboys quarterback.

14. First governor of the Plymouth Colony:

  • A. John Carver
  • B. Miles Standish
  • C. William Bradford
  • D. Roger Williams
  • E. Roger Whittaker.

15. The pilgrims originally were headed to:

  • A. New England
  • B. Bermuda
  • C. The Indies
  • D. San Francisco
  • E. Virginia.

16. The average American consumes this much Turkey in a year.

  • A. 16 lbs.
  • B. 1 lb.
  • C. 3 lbs.
  • D. 7 lbs.
  • E. 50 lbs.

Answers: 1.B  2.A  3.C  4.A  5.C  6.A  7.D  8.D  9.B  10.E  11.B  12.B  13.C  14.A  15.E  16.A

How did you do?  Hope you enjoyed this tid bit of Turkey information!


NOVEMBER 2017         Happy Thanksgiving!
5 – Reigelsville Car show
7 – Monthly chapter meeting, Starlite Diner & Lounge, Allentown, Pa.  Dinner@ 6:00 pm, business meeting @ 7:30 pm.  Nominations of officers & 2 BOD’s to be voted upon.  Guest speaker: Martha Kriebel

DECEMBER 2017            “Happy Holidays!”
5 – Annual “Holiday Gathering,” Starlite Diner & Lounge, Allentown, Pa.  Social hour = 5 pm, dinner @ 6 pm.  “Crazy Bingo,” & “Prettiest & Handsomest Holiday Sweater” contest will take place.

JANUARY 2018            “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
2 – Monthly chapter meeting, Starlite Diner & Lounge, Allentown, Pa.  Dinner @ 6 pm, business meeting @ 7:30 pm.  Start your New Year off on the right track!
20-22 – Automania, Ag Hall, Allentown, PA


  • 1939 Buick Special (41) 4-DR Trunk back Sedan, unrestored original car, Straight 8, manual transmission.  Runs well!  Rebuilt engine & components, brake system, drive train, transmission.  Upgraded carb, electronic ignition, oil filter, NEW exhaust system.  WW tires.  Pics available.  $16,500/negotiable.  Ken Davis, 610-489-1649.
  • 1951-52 Buick Mustache Bar to be rechromed, very hard to find!  $400.00.  William, 610-970-7183, 484-948-6213.
  • 1958 Super/Limited Chrome & stainless trim, rear Ltd. Bumper end.  610-509-2061.
  • 1962 Buick Skylark Conv. Overall GOOD condition.  Various NOS chrome installed.  Runs/drives nice!  Transmission, rear, top & rear window good.  Dave’s Int. restorations, 525 Chestnut St., Emmaus, Pa 18049
  • 1964 Buick 300 V-8 w/ factory aluminum heads, complete w/ fan, carb, air cleaner, etc.  TH 400 auto trans #BU-64-23582. Eng. #4K5029219, $700.00.  610-509-2061.
  • 1966 Buick Skylark GS 2 dr HDT, red/white top.  $16,500.00.  610-582-3758
  • 1979 Buick Riviera 32,000 miles call Michael Spitzer at 215-255-5768
  • 1981 Buick Regal 4 DR dark green, garage kept.  75K mi. 717-576-7588
  • 1982 Corvette LT1 coupe 64,000, a/c, electric seats, dark green exterior, doe skin leather interior, coupe retracts,  V-8, $8,000 or best offer, contact:  Jim Angeline  610-759-7418
  • 1987 Buick GN, T-Top blk w/ grey/blk int., orig parts, EXCELLENT condition, 3200 ORIGINAL miles.  Stored in heat controlled garage.  $28,500 (OBO),
  • BUICK BUGLES – 30 years of “Buick Bugles” FREE for the taking.  Must take ALL!  610-248-1638.


In Search Of

  • OPEL Manual, 717-201-1660.
  • 1948 Buick Special 2 door back chrome.  Doug @ 570-573-0948.
  • 1951-52 Buick Roadmaster RH grille bar extension.  C. Wenger, 433-710-6624,
  • 1967 Buick Electra Conv. 610-730-4599,

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